Montag, 28. Mai 2012


Was eine Diamant-Trennscheibe und ein Nachmittag Arbeit nicht so alles bewirken können. 

Wie ein weiser Mann mal gesagt hat: " Euer skatepark ist eigentlich ein streetspot an den irgend ein Trottel eine Miniramp gestellt hat" 

Low to high mit Butterkanten

kleines "neues" gap


cheers Aux

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Session in Wien mit Flo und Matze

Dieser D.I.Y. -Spot ist sicher nicht die erste Wahl an Wiens unzähligen skate-möglichkeiten, macht aber meiner Meinung nach trotzdem verdammt viel Spaß....

Flo: bs smith d.i.y. spot 

trick done / session over

Perspektive hat man.....oder nicht!

Mathias: fs disaster

cheers Aux

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Ljubljana / Postonja / Rijeka

First of all i think i have to do the post in english to share all our experiences with our new and old friends down south-east.

Five days befor we even started i got a mail from Uros if we can buy some Pittinger Beer because "it´s so fuckin cheep". 
As you can see we were prepared...8 pallets and some six-packs of more or less fine austrian beer as a guest gift!
In the end this amount just lasted 3 nights, but for sure we shared with everybody around!!


We started on Friday, with 1 hour delay as usual...ready to hit the road for the first time this year. 
Two busses, fully loaded with 8 guys, some boards and best weather.
Everybody was about to to push one´s luck...

At first the highway was cars, no traffic jam, just cruisin with 100km/h.

It was gettin hot in the bus...kind of!
Thumbs down from Berni for Kökis strip!!

Cooling from inside with brew was Bernis choice...

When Tommy is not ripping the shit out of him (award for most motivated skateboarder on tour) he´s linked to his phone, checkin weather, tracks, reading something or doing screenshots of us over the ASFINAG-Webcam. Kind a nice....

The red devil

The black mamba

Instead of the backseat, Max prefered the camping-seat in the bus.

We definately cheered too soon and stucked in traffic-jam twice, so we arrived pretty late in Ljubljana, just when the sun was about to going down.
The second major cause of the delay was the diuretic effect of beer...some of the guys where like little girls, peeing every half an hour!!
But it didn´t really matter cause our good friend and awesome spotguide Urôs picked us up at this illuminated bicycle lane with quarters, NO SKATEPARK...great first spot, cause you don't have to ollie in quarters. After more than 7 hour of driving our legs were like sponges and half of the crew was already drunk...

Tommy: fs lipslide

Klaus: bs smithgrind

After this first session we were driving to the center of Ljubljana to find a good camping spot and some nice bars for sure! 
We were walking around the city about 2 hour, just to check out spots for the next day...

...and talking tons of shit...
...and loosing 2 guys for half an hour !!

As Köki always used to say, he is very "integrationable", or in his words "I´m very integrationsfähig". 
He started learning slovenien words two weeks befor we even left and practicing every day on tour by talking to really everyone.
Köki is like some kind of cute (dirty) dog, everybody loves him no matter where we were going to!!

The selector in the background had some magical attraction to the dudes....

Urôs brought us to some insane party-area. Some kind of an old jailhouse/prison, everywhere...really everywhere were different Bars with different kinds of music from tekno, reggea to metal and hundreds of people were just hanging out in the courtyard. Even a gay-party was going on...but we decided to join the doom-metal concert!!
Nobody expected that our first night would be that good!!

The staff was rather kind...

the big one

the only groupe-pic...

mesh-cap change / R.O.W. Vs. Consolidated

Some guy wants to climb the roof and play baseball / security-guard thought this is probably not a good idea!

Nobody remembers the name of the band but the kicked ass!!!!

Laschi first row.

First night, sleeping position of death...fortunately the bus-key was fastend!!

This was the cause why the cops came to "awake" us damn-early in the first morning problem, Köki showed his slovenien-skills and his passport, the cops immediately had to laugh! I´m not sure because of his talking, of the photo in his passport or because they just saw 3 guys in the back of a Bus with their balls hanging out !
We cleaned up and they left !!  Problem solved...

Some bridge was too low for Berti...we crashed, laughed, picked the blue-light up and could have been worse!


morning routine

Urôs was in a good mood but his stomach was kind a twisted, he chilled out while we were warming up for the street-session.

Tommy: fs boardslide in the morning
Tommy: fs 5/0

i guess this means something like "Skateboarding prohibited" off!!

going big...

30°C , perfect curb-spot...what else could you want! 

going round and round

Uros: fs boardslide

Mario: bs boardslide


The approuch is a bit tricky here...
Urôs, still hungover but he´s not hesitating and was going over the rail at second try. 

tons of spots in week is by far not enought to see everything and we just had one afternoon!!

After a damn exhausting and hot day in the streets we decided to drive to our next destination...Postonja!! 

The whole R.O.W. crew and bold-riders welcomed us as we have known each other since ages. 
 It was just like stepping out of the bus into a big welcome party...even austrian reinforcement was there. 
Ferit Batir came over from Zagreb to visit them too and getting some new tattoos from Mičo. 
It´s a incredible place (Pumpa),hard to explain...kind of a occupied gas-station with a bowl and other concrete stuff around. To top it all there is a indoor miniramp inside the building. Everthing D.I.Y., everything punk rock...thats how we like our holidays!!

As if the would have known it, there was another metal concert this evening in Postonja.
For sure we had to go there...but the most evil way i could imagin! 
They where just like: "Hey guys, just grab your boards...we are going downhill to the concert"!! 
"is it a hard downhill our just mellow?"
"don't worry, just go for it" 

Jürgen and i just pushed into it...
At one point, my feeling was like...fuck thats steep, no more powerslides possible...gettin speedwobbles...close to death...survived!! 
In the end i was full of adrenaline and suddenly complete sober...
For me, this 2km downhill was something i surely remember my whole life.. fuckin incredible!! 

And thats were we ended up right after the hill bomb...

 We had another thing to celabrate...Köki was turning 22 years at midnight!!
Memories gone by this point but a guess it was fun...

Deso...we hope you´re fine!! We heard about your taildrop accident that night!!

nice pipes Ferit!!


as the R.O.W. guys used to say...we sleep where we skate

priceless moment to wake up at a place like this

My personal best invention on tour...."food-bath" another priceless thing and kind a necessary i think, cause the other guys wont let me sleep in the bus again if i hadn´t done it!! No shower available on tour, for sure!!

Turtle Boy: "i´ll be watching you!!"

art everywhere

handcrafted boldrider-fanzine
We keep this issue with pride!!

On the third day our crew splited up a little bit. 
Tommy and i were down to shred the whole day, so we stayed at "Pumpa" to have some nice sessions, film a little bit and join the upcoming BBQ. 

The other part, birthday-kid Köki as the leader, Max, Laschi, Jürgen, Klaus and Berni pushed to the city and have a look around. 
Somehow thay didn´t come back for more than 8 hours...
The wildest speculations between the pumpa-guys and us were going on what they maybe about to do!! 

There was a monstertruck-show going on in city (really!)--> weird but possible
They visit the human-fish (or dickhead-fish) in the caves of Postonja--> informative / possible
They are lost -->  more than possible
They met some girls--> impossible
They are drunk--> maximum possible

And here is what they really did: 
They went to some kind of crag and went throught it (Klaus and Jürgen were already on a quest for a bar) --> after this they wanted to see the human-fish (or dickhead-fish) in the famous caves of Postonja--> entrance was way too expensive--> next to the cave they found a bar where they sell "Wieselburger Bier"--> they joined the bar as long as there were no "Wieselburger Bier" left (really, they drained the damn bar)--> befor the sun went down they came back with a murder-intoxication!

 thats how a tour works...sometimes

Urôs: fs smith in the bowl

As i said...we were down to shred but it was sticky as hell!! 
Kati (in the middle) brought some black, hot coffee...

...and Kovac some warm beer!! Perfect match to get your blood-circulation going !!

Super-Mario: fs rock
@ Mico: look at the angle...look at the angle!!!!! 

Mič of the best guy down there, always chilled and down to have a session!

Pumpa-Mama Kati


Tommy: fs blunt
(click for larger image)

The Pumpa-area is really like a big family, little kids running around, dogs, music and so one...

Back in 2002 Urôs got his first interview in a skatemag....looks like he had some hard times since than!!
mico, tibor, kupa, dany, and lele...

The hospitality was overwhelming, fruitsticks and cheesesticks for everyone

Shit happens!
thx Urôs for trusting in me and borrowing me your board, to get the trick  finally done!!

Ferit: bs tail
bleed for R.O.W.

Kupa a.k.a. Grant Taylor / pivot fakie on the steep side!!

Quotes at Pumpa:
Jürgen wants to say hallo in the morning with the words: "good tomorrow"

I cant remember exactly but someone asked Klaus:
Do you got a lighter?
Klaus: Leider!!

Laschi to Uros: You know, when i´m going out for party i do power-napping...half a hour here, half a hour there

lil wow

giant fuckin wolf...

...and something in or something!! 

fuck off

Kupa / bs boneless

At this point the session turned into a big karaoke-show...Ton Steine Scherben and Queen were our favorites to scream along (not really sing)

Fourth day

That day we had to leave, unfortunatelly!!

skateboarder feet are ugly, everytime!

A grill made of concrete in the shape of the swiss black cross bowl...unique!!!

  We used it quite often...grilling is the only legit way to cook!

After the meal we had to say goodbye. 
I only can repeat it once more: 
BIG THANKS to everyone at Pumpe, Mičo, Kati, Kupa, Tomo, Jure, Tibor, Lele...

After some little problems at the border, were the searched through our busses twice we reached
our final destination, Rijeka / Kroatia

Quote at the border: 
"Police-woman: did you heared the peep?"
"We: what peep"
"Police woman: we got this little drug detector and it made a peep"
"We: are you kiding us?"
"Police-woman: do you prefer smoking or drinking" 
In the meantime, Jürgen and Köki already cracked another beer, lifted there cans and screamed out: 
"DRINKIN cheers"

 About 5 min. after arrival...
another perfect example that Köki is very sociable. 

Some nice spots in Rijeka but everybody was pretty exhausted at this time.

Tommy: feeble pop out

In the evening Klaus and the other bus-members decided to go home to escape the holiday-traffic. 
We thought that at least we are waking up directly on the ocean, so we stayed another night!

Rijaka is also worth a visit!
Some nice restaurates and old town.


The view in the morning was definatelly worth it!!

Holy crap, after this 5 days the bus was full of waste and smells like .... i have no words for it!!
After 7 hour drive back our casual working life got us back...but not long, just till the next trip!!! 

All pics by Köki, Tommy and Mario.

So, thats it! I´m out of words but still full of memories!
For sure not the last time we´ve been there, be prepared for august!!

 As i said at least 100 times...everybody of you guys is always welcome at our place!! 
Hopefully we can manage something with Prague!

cheers aux